Chanda Terry

Blog:Birth of a fashion blogger.


Ms Chanda Terry- her real name can be described as beautiful,sweet,humble and talented ,if you’ve ever searched for a beauty,fashion or hair tutorial you are sure to come across her videos.

Well known established youtuber,blogger,wife and mother a positive, influential role model with thousands of views and followers ,not only on her channel but also her social media sites,i reached out to Ms Chanda for an interview and she responded immediately and agreed to participate,i chose to because i love her videos i think she is very positive,outspoken and humble plus she “slays the heck out of that hair tutorial”.thank you Ms Chanda!

Kattz -What inspired you to start a you tube beauty channel and what impact has it made on your life.
 Ms Chanda-I actually had no plans of this taking off as well as it did!  I have to give thanks to Ateya, who is the first person I started watching and following you YouTube.  I was searching a way to do a particular style and came across her channel.  I thought, well I know how to do that and more, so I’ll start my own.  I messaged her and asked if she was okay with that (I didn’t know the world of YouTube, so I didn’t want to feel as if I was stepping on her toes), she gave me her blessing and the rest is history!
Kattz-When did you start doing your own hair
Mschanda- started doing my own hair when I was in the 3rd grade because I got tired of how my mother used to style it.  It really took off when I was about 14 or 15, when I was introduced to the world of extensions (weave).
Mschanda-What is the most fun/difficult thing about being a you tube beauty guru.
I would have to say that the great parts about about being on YouTube (I don’t consider myself a guru) are being able to teach people something that I know, getting to meet people that follow my channel and social networks and getting chance to meet and work with different brands, small and big!  The most difficult parts are dismissing inconsiderate and rude people (because they are everywhere and with a platform such as the internet and a computer, the thug will come out of anyone) and working for some companies/brands that don’t understand that you have a life!  As fun as it is to do this, I can’t post a hair review 15 minutes after receiving something!  That wouldn’t be an honest review!
Kattz-Fav beauty/hair product.
Mschanda-I don’t know if I can narrow down a favorite hair product, but for now, I can say that Organix is my favorite line.  Favorite beauty products are the Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes!  Those things are pure heaven in wipe form!
Kattz-fav beauty icon.
Mschanda-This is another question that’s hard to answer because there are so many, especially through the decades!
Kattz-how do you deal with negative comments.
Mschanda-I use to be real bad with negativity because I am extremely emotional, so words just don’t roll off my back.  I guess with age came wisdom.  I either delete, block or both and keep it moving.  I still have my ratchet/hood moments because in the end, I’m only human!
Kattz-Tell us about your personal style.
Mschanda-I am absolutely all over the place with my style.  Monday I can be totally vintage and turn around on Tuesday and be Lady Gaga (just kidding but you get the point).  I love variety in hair and fashion and it’s a great thing that we can be so versatile today!!
Kattz-.Whats one common thing your subscribers request to see.
Mschanda-At the moment, everyone is requesting for me to do more hair videos in general (lol).  I’ve totally been slacking in that area but I have a couple things up my sleeve!
Kattz-What positive advice would you give to young women today regarding self esteem.
Mschanda-Just be yourself!  It’s so much easier said than done.  I grew up the ugly duckling and I wish that I had someone to tell me this at that time.  But as an adult, married with 2 children, I grew to love me and accept who I am.  Only person I needed to impress was me.  It’s all about self worth.  Once that’s known, it’s all uphill from there! 🙂

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