Color-blocking is taking opposite solid colors and pairing them together to create an outfit.

Color blocking is a huge trend in fashion,it made it’s first hit in the 1960’s and later in the 1980’s,this technique was recently seen taking over the runways at fashion week,there are techniques in styling color blocked outfits here are 3 different types.

1.Monochromatic – one color different shades.


 2.Separate-mixed 2-4 colors as a contrastcolor-block3

 3.Stand alone-one color block garment.

images (8)

Complete your look with at least one neutral color like grey,black,white or camel e.t.c, these colors can also be in accessories like jewelery, shoes or bags color block is a bold,fun creative way to dress {wear the trend,don’t let it wear you}.color-blocking-w724


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