Always look desirable not just for a man but for yourself.How does your hair look? try to maintain your personal grooming on a regular basis,you look good if you feel good.

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Personal Style

Keep looking your best make sure to wear clean,trendy not over worn clothes invest in a few staple pieces nothing expensive if you’re on a budget know your body type and create your own sense of style always check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house if you don’t have time in the morning choose your outfit from overnight this will save you time.



Being confident is sexy if you look good,sound good have a positive,friendly and warm personality that will take you a long way and will attract the right people.

Never act desperate the biggest turn off for men are women who seem vulnerable and desperately need a man,be your humble self and act normal it’s not a crime to be single,being single gives you time to reflect on your life and achieve your goals enjoy it while it last.Mr right will come at the right time

These tips may not apply for every woman but it’s a start,always look presentable and polished invest in yourself know your worth focus on you and when you have found the man of our dreams he will appreciate you and treat you with the respect you truly deserve.


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