Being stylish on a budget is attainable it takes only a dash of patience,research and time,I myself isn’t the most patient person in the world but I do it!!.

I am sure there are others out there like myself who wants to be fashionable but still remain within there budget good news!! It can happen , make it happen, stores like Marshall,TJmaxx,Target and others are good places to start not to mention the Goodwill, thrift stores or flee markets.

On the blog today features one of the best bargain shopper, she will be sharing with us few  tips and tricks for summer shopping on a budget , this will be a 3 part series hope you like it….

Hello, my name is Chanda Plair. I began bargain shopping as a child. I grew up in a poor household and on public assistance my mom  took us to garage sales every Saturday and we would hunt for finds. Eventually my mom secured a better job and got remarried and we no longer had to be on public assistance. However, my love for bargain shopping never ended. As I began to shop for myself over the years the excitement of purchasing designer items for 50%-90% off really excites me. I do love high-end designer goods but I had to make sure I got them at the biggest discount possible. So I shopped around for best prices. My favorite online shopping is I can normally find tons of designer items marked down to about 60%. These items are gently used but that’s ok with me. I also shop Goodwill,People are amazed at the things I find at Goodwill like my Chanel flats! Goodwill has a rewards card,after accumulating  number of points you receive a$25 credit. I also love Saks Off 5th,They have designer clearance items 2-3 times a year for $14,And don’t forget Nordstrom Rack during the Clear The Rack event. I shop Clear The Rack 7 days in advance to avoid crowds then I return and repurchase during the event for 25%off. 

I offer styling,personal image consulting and personal  shopping I am also a  fashion and beauty blogger,I do social media promotions and  handle social media for a model agency. I am also in the process of forming a modeling agency with a photographer. I assist and participate in anything and everything that involves fashion.

My Motto is……….NEVER pay retail.

Look book#1


Dress (banana republic)@opry mills winter clearance retails$50 (sale$10) shop out of season when possible and save for the next year. Sandal was a gift purchased from target (retails$22) paid $10.

#2 Alice&Olivia dress off saks 5th (retails$300) paid $40  Heels(Tabitha Simmons) retails ($800)  paid$ Louis Vuitton bag reatails($1000)paid$200.


 Every girl needs blue and white for summer. Blazer (Ralph Lauren) retails $150  paid $7@ goodwill. Top(theory) retails $60 paid $9@ Nordstrom rack skirt @nordstrom rack (retails $65)paid $12 wedge denim (Bcbg) retails $60 paid $30.


Dress(DVF)retails$175 sale@online store Abro leather bag(retail)$1400 sale$15@goodwill store. Sandal(lucky brand) @ Marshall retails$55  paid $25 on sale.

Contact for info and business enquiries.

Follow on Facebook .com/chandaplairisafashionista.

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