Ellen Degeneres

From the structured boyfriend blazers and fitted jeans i have always been an admirer of Ellen’s wardrobe,Finally she has now decided to launch her own clothing line can you imagine how this is going to be. well, i can when asked what inspired her to have her own line Degeneres replied that women clothing especially suits were just not cut to her liking and when she did find men clothing she had to tailor them so, she had her clothing custom made,she also stated that everyone wanted to know what she was wearing so why not fill the niche in the fashion market i say great thinking Ellen!

The line ED is inspired by her personal style which is casual and chic paying attention to style,comfort and tailoring.The name ED was also an inspiration from the nickname given to her by her wife Portia.

”These products are pure quality” said Degeneres ,my concern is that it has my name on it so it has to make me really proud.T-shirts will go between $45 to $75,we can expect more from Ellen in the future ,”go Ellen” keep on.

courtesy Ed Sullivan
courtesy instyle


Courtesy of Instyle,WWD

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