Hi guys,happy Sunday everyone I wanted to share my current morning routine “body products” my  routine usually varies from season to season in the winter time I usually go for extra moisturizing and hydrating products because I have extra dry skin.what’s your go to products?

In the mornings the first thing in my routine body care is a warm shower I try not to make the water very hot because this absorbs the  moisture from your skin . For my body wash I use the Giovanni moisturizing body wash I love this product because even after rinsing my skin feels refreshed and moisturized.

I like to cleanse my face in the shower my new go-to face wash is the “Oil of Olay regenerist anti aging wash”I use a cream product for the extra moisturizing ,I am loving this product because it doesn’t over dry my skin after usage.

For my all over body lotion I use the Giovanni body lotion,for someone who has very dry skin I struggle to find a lotion that keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the day and this product is my utmost favorite.

My next step is applying deodorant and I’m currently using Marc Ecko it last all day and smells really good.

Lamisilk foot therapy treatment

Another problem I have during the winter season is very dry heels I cannot explain it but it gets really annoying,even though this product is mainly to be used as an overnight treatment I use it anyway hey I need the extra moisture.

Botanics Rose water Is my favorite toner and its 100% organic.

Then I apply to my under eyes the olive oil eye cream it keeps under my eyes hydrated.

After that I put on my daily face deep moisture 24hr hydrated clarifying cream from Kiehls .

What’s your favorite product?please share,comment and like .

Disclaimer : This post is not a sponsored post and does not include any affiliate links .

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