Hi stylista’s happy Wednesday everyone finally I am posting my night time skincare routine “winter edition” that is well overdue my routine changes each season due to the cold weather which absorbs 85%moisture from my skin leaving it dry,itchy and thirsty for more hydration  but through trial and error I have chosen the products that works best for me so far what are your go to products for the winter season?


“First aid beauty cleanser”can be found at Sephora very hydrating and moisturing doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight .


Bliss energizing mask I use this all year round l can recommend this product as one of the best mask I have used so far.

#3 The botanic rose water toning spritz is another all time favorite it is my “go-to”toner used all year round very hydrating and inexpensive can be found at local drug stores it leaves my skin with a cooling sensation.


Kiehls eye cream I can recommend this product as very moisturizing for my under eye area.


Eclos plant stem cells face serum is a cellular activator  and an anti aging product .


Lancôme regenergie lift night cream helps in lifting and tightening your skin while you sleep .


Ultra repairing foot mask helps in repairing and healing dry callus heels and feet .

I am yet to find a night  time moisturizer that’s not too oily but leaves my skin fully moisturized apart from using my coconut oil I need recommendations, let me know if you guys have any .

What products did you like/dislike,share comment and subscribe .

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