I wanted to find a mild non greasy makeup remover I stumbled upon the Garnier skin active cleansing water I purchased it mainly for my eye makeup remover but what’s so great about this product is that it’s an all-in-1,it removes makeup,cleanses and refreshes your skin there isn’t any need for rinsing and its gentle on your eyes ,face and lips after using it my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight mainly because its oil alcohol and fragrance free I give this product 5stars!.

The elf daily hydration moisturizer is a light weight moisturizer infused with vitamin E and rich in antioxidants the purified water helps to keep your skin hydrated after using this product and a victim of dry skin I truly am getting the benefits of its power plus it’s inexpensive what more could I ask for once again I can truly recommend it.

What are your favorite products I would love to know . Share comment and follow .

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and does not contain an affiliate link all opinions are my own .

4 thoughts on “ The Garnier cleansing water& Elf moisturizer.

    1. Honestly I haven’t tried the bioderma before so I can’t compare it but the Garnier works great in removing my makeup plus it cleans and also leaves my face refreshed most of all it works great for sensitive skin maybe give it a try it’s inexpensive but great!! Hope that helps

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      1. Thanks yeah it’s probably worth a try for the price! I lived in France for a while so Bioderma was readily available but it’s hard to get your hands on in the UK!

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