I look forward at the end of each month to upload my favorites of the month post I’m not quite sure what it is but there’s something about sharing what I enjoyed using for 30 days.

The Elf daily hydration moisturizer, I have spoken about this before and  also featured it in my flatlay photos on Instagram.

I like this product it’s  hydrating and moisturizing but personally it wouldn’t be a permanent product for me, maybe ocassional.

The elf hydrating primer is a go-to product for me,i like everything about it this product I will definetly repurchase.

The Garnier skin active cleansing water I do like this product and as I said before I had to use this  a few more times to actually see if I liked it as for cleansing and toning “great”but for removing makeup i was a bit disappointed “sad face” after using it I still had to use other alternatives to get my face rid of all traces of makeup will not be repurchasing.

 Bath and body works I can’t live without, the Spring frangances are to die for especially the forever red fragrance  mist it is forever the best.

The Aromatherapy sleep products from bath and body works,I am impressed by these products don’t hold me to the sleep part but as for relaxation that, I agree ,I use the lavender vanilla sugar scrub before bed it leaves my skin super soft||moisturized and great smell,if I didn’t have-extra   dry skin I would skip moisturizing after.

What’s your favorites this month comment and share!!



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