Over the past year I have come to realize the use and results of using organic and or natural products both internally and externally,gradually I have been adding products to my personal,facial and body care here are some of my additions for this month all these products were purchased at Marshalls  department store.

1.Avalon organics hand and body lotion contains no parabens are sulfate.

2.Avalon organics vitamin cleansing gel facial wash naturally brightens skin and contains photo aging defense.

3.Aromatherapy lavender oil, a massage oil but  by adding a few drops to my bath gives an aromatherapy spa experience,also just a drop on my pillow,aides in sleeping better at nights and final use as an added ingredient to my DIY sugar body scrub.

4.100%vitamin E oil “therapeutic grade”facial treatment this product is not oily very moisturizing and helps with discoloration of the skin or hyper pigmentation.

What are your favorite natural products ? 

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