This has to be my favorite post of all time I look forward to the end of each month to share all my favorite products and how they benifited me throughout the month.                 


1.Stress relief Aromatherapy body wash with eucalyptus tea.

So any one knows me agrees that I love bathandbodyworks products I take advantage of their various “awesome” sales they have,a week ago they had these aromatherapy line for only $6 “yes” amazing deal. 

I use this wash right before going to bed-the effect of the eucalyptus helps me to relax thus decreasing my stress mode -it works for me.

2.Stress relief body lotion-there is actually a story behind the first time I came across this product, about a year ago I went to buy  a few of the hand soaps-while at the register I was conversing with the cashier and told her I have been having these throbing headaches she  gave me the smaller size of this and told me to rub it on my hands then inhale it 

                   OMG!! INSTANT RELIEF !                                                                                                         

“And that’s the story behind my relationship with aromatherapy.”

3. The “body shop” body polish this product has a citrus frangance and because of this I use it in the mornings to give me that extra zest that fully awakes me-not only that it leaves me feeling clean and polished.

4. Blush body cream this product I picked up in Marshalls very moisturizing and thick in consistency.


1. 100% natural vitamin E oil.


Prevents the formation of wrinkles and also treats by boosting collagen production.

COLLAGEN -it helps with skin elasticity.

I absolutely love vitamin e oil, I have had problems with hyper pigmentation on my chin and since using the pure oil it has cleared up  despite I have only been using this permanently for a month now how “amazing!”.

2. Boscia clarifying detox mask – great facial mask when you feel like detoxifying your skin, I start out by doing a scrub,then apply this to my face,after  about 30 mins I rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer -leaves my skin feeling clean and detoxified.

3. Vitamin c -cleansing gel I have raved about this wash multiple times this will always be apart of my facial routine.


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