Pants/H&M  Top/ Walmart Shoes/Guess Necklace  /Chanel  Purse/lulu.       Photos by Chamique Stewart.

  I have been creating my mood-inspiration board for this spring/summer season and I realized that most of my choices are pretty colorful not  that I haven’t worn bright colors but I have always been a nude and white kinda girl,but slowly I am creeping out of my shell.
I really wasn’t heading anywhere special in this outfit,my oldest daughter goes to school for “fashion merchandising and design” but has suddenly found her true passion and that’s fashion photography well that explains it “I was her experiment for the day but I was loving it I now have my own personal photographer  yea me”

Either way I can wear this ootd  to different occasions {shopping,lunch or add a blazer and head to a meeting} what’s your favorite spring/summer colors?.

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