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Personal Style

What’s your personal style ? Is it your own ideas or do you offen at “ALL” times look for inspiration else where ? 

It’s ok we all look for inspo at times I call it “WARDROBE BLOCK” do you think that only writers have “WRITERS BLOCK” I don’t think so!!


Ok,so you’re at the store and your looking around most times you end up walking out without buying anything WHY IS THAT? Simply because you can’t find 1 thing that you think looks good that’s because your trying too hard relax-take a deep breath don’t get disheartened start by breaking down your wardrobe”WHAT DO I MEAN BY THAT”?well don’t go shopping for everything at once choose what it is you really want by going through your closet before,{make sure you completely purge it}if you don’t wear it GET RID OF IT-then you will have an idea of what your-“WANTS ARE AND WHAT YOUR NEEDS ARE”  

 Don’t be afraid of stripes and patterns they look great when paired with bold colors and if you’re experimental like I am go ahead and mix them.

Go to department stores first like Macy’s & Jc penny they have different BRANDS and varieties of sizes you can choose from,take sizes from each brand -fit them and see which is best  if it  looks flattering  and your’re satisfied then select one from each pieces,it’s also best to view yourself in a 360 mirror most stores have them or you can ask a sales rep for assistance.

STYLE IS BEING COMFORTABLE- making a statement -owning the room when you walk in and being remembered after you leave.





What’s your personal style ? How do you find inspiration ?I would love to know.

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