The one thing I’m passionate about is smelling good I’m obsessed with fragrances two of my favorite perfumes are currently from Bathandbodyworks. I sometimes wonder if I walk around smelling like a fruit tree never the less I have gotten nothing but awesome compliments.

Adore me -presentation is important to me when it comes to beauty products the first thing that captured my attention was the bottle,I like the color,shape and most  of all the ribbon tied into a bow around the head very cute! It has a very alluring scent and lasting  even after a long day I can still smell traces of the scent on my clothing.

Paris Amour-a fairly new fragrance to their collection the bottle is my favorite color as you can see I have a thing for cute bows,very sensual spring scent lasting and alluring I will definitely be repurchasing this!

What’s your favorite fragrances?

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