Affirmation is described in new age technology as practicing positive thinking and self empowerment -believing that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will bring success in anything”.

 I have made it my morning routine to be greatful- as soon as I am awake I reach for my journal and begin to write things that I am thankful for including positive affirmations to kickstart my day.

The term “you are what you speak”has proven true to me on numerous occasions.

For an affirmation to be effective it should be repeated daily,written down in the present tense(speaking as if it is)in a positive way,it helps in strengthening us and believing in whatever it is we need to achieve.  

 Identify negative thoughts- create positive affirmations from them,begin speaking them into existence-things change gradually                                                                                                                             

When you write it -you see it.

When you see it -read it.

When  you read it -start saying it aloud.

When you start saying it -you hear it.

When you hear it-you will start believing it.

I am successful.

I am worthy.

I am beyond ordinary.

Today I welcome great opportunities. 

My business is growing. 

Today I am prosperous. 

My income increases frequently.

 Believe it and you will achieve it!

What are your positive morning routine? I would love to know

Please share /follow/comment.


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