It’s coming up to the end of spring,and summer is creeping in,the weather is getting warmer and my skin is getting drier,tighter and my hyper pigmentation is flaring up don’t get me wrong I love the summertime -just not what it does to my skin,recently I went to the Hand and stone spa  for my series  of glycolic peels Fortunately  it’s  helping Finally!.

The product they used during my facial is from the dermalogica line,I absolutely loved the essential cleansing solution,prior to using a few samples given to me by my esthetician and I just  had to purchase it.

The DERMALOGICA ESSENTIAL CLEANSING SOLUTION IS A RICH CREAMY CLEANSER THAT CONDITIONS DRY SKIN it doesn’t overdry  my skin and no tightness is felt after cleansing -the only thing I’m not happy with is I wished the bottle had a pump instead of pouring it straight from the bottle which can waste the product because a little bit goes a long way, it retails for about $37 worth every penny.


Have you tried this cleanser and how do you like it?.

“This post is not sponsored i have no affiliation with dermalogica all opinions stated  are strictly my own.”

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