Denim shirt dress/Oldnavy ||Jeans/Oldnavy ||Shoes/BCBG || purse/Steve madden.

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone Is having a fab day,being an island girl and growing up in a tropical climate I appreciate an  80 degree weather,it motivates and inspires me to get up and get moving.

 I wanted to wear my new denim shirt dress but I wanted to find different ways of wearing it,so I decided why not pair it over a denim jeans and make it a bit more interesting.

Just to top it up a notch and made it  more than casual I pulled out my 6inch BCBG heels this shoes is no joke but it made me feel Sexy and sophisticated  as the saying goes “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world “{Coco Chanel}.

Did you like my outfit?how do you wear your denim dress ? Please comment,share and like.

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