Hello lovelies, today I’m sharing with you my new found skincare products- recently I made it to my classic facial appointment, which was amazing I spoke about this in my previous post I have really been taking the extra steps in my skincare.

I  visited the European wax center a few days ago because I wanted to get a bikini wax  which “I still ended up not getting “I really hadn’t made up my mind what treatment I wanted done anyway -while browsing around I introduced myself to a few products I saw on promotion buy “2 get 1 free” and you know I can’t resist a sale,these were a set of body collection which consist of the body lotion, body wash and the polish they came in  three  fragrances   which made it hard for me to choose because they were all amazing but fortunately I ended up choosing the graceful strut their explanation about these products was that supposedly they help with the eradication of ingrown hair problems and slowed the growth of hair on your body, which caught my attention, I also liked the fact that it was inexpensive  only $16 and I got a great deal, so far I have been using these products and I am really loving the way it makes my skin feels especially the body polish it’s a great exfoliant -not abrasive at all while the lotion is very moisturizing and they smell absolutely great with  lasting scent for hours  when used in combination I give them a thumbs up I have seen a difference in my skins appearance  I definitely will be repurchasing.

This post is not sponsored by European wax center all opinions are my own.

Have you tried these skincare products before if so how do you like them ? Please share -comment -and like.


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