Dress-target, Boots-Target,Necklace-Charlotte Russe.

Here in New Jersey the weather have been awesome and fortunately its suppose to continue for the remainder of this week,my plan is to “enjoy it while it lasts”as the saying goes, so hopefully I should have at least two more fall looks for you guys here you can find outfit #1

I know I have been missing in action(Mia) for a few weeks and that’s so unlike me but I’ve been trying to regain my inspiration,fashion and beauty is my passion but I’m only human right? Sometimes we fall short but ”its not how many times you fall as long as you pick yourself up” and that’s my motto, now I’m back in full effect and pushing even harder this time.

This dress is from Target,I love the color and it fits perfectly it’s a little short in length so usually I would pair it with thigh high boots but because it wasn’t very chilly out I switched it up and went with my camel color peep toe  ankle boots, i felt like this look wasn’t over done and super comfy at the same time,I have been purchasing a lot of pieces from Target lately they have awesome and trendy clothes but most of all very inexpensive, I feel that you don’t have to spend excessive amount of money to look fabulous but that’s just my thoughts.

Hope you liked the outfit stay tuned for more.

“This is not a sponsored posts and I have no affiliation with Target all opinions stated are my own”.

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