Photos paint a thousand words,if you’re an “Instagram junkie”then you might know what I’m talking about,flatlay can be described as “laying objects flat While taking the photo from a birds eye view”.  You are not limited  when flatlaying,just about anything can be flatlayed- outfits,beauty products,food,etc.


Shooting flatlays require good lighting, natural lighting is the best make sure to take multiple shots to help  you choose the best.


I personally like taking flatlays on white background but you’re not limited to whatever makes you comfortable or depend on what you’re shooting and your color scheme, remember that your flatlay should tell a story center your theme around one or two pieces try not to stray from the theme by not adding too much embellishments,whatever you’re shooting should be the main focus.


The main step is taking the photo from a birds eye view,so if you have to stand on a chair to be above your products do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. Then get editing there are many apps available,some of these are after light,FaceTune or Ps express. 

Hope these few tips helped now go start flatlaying.

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