I am so late with posting my October favorites but somehow I couldn’t figure out what my products of the month would be, I have so many which made it hard for me to choose, so I picked out four from my selection,well here goes.

Jason tea tree deodorant:I know I haven’t told you guys that I recently became “vegan” so I’m transitioning slowly, this deodorant is 100%natural contains no aluminum,parabens or phalates but most of all not tested on animals.

Skin therapy facial mist:contains coconut and essential oils,with just a mist or two on the face and neck hydrates the skin and leaves me feeling refreshed can be found in marshalls department store.

Lavender pillow spray: I know it seems weird you’re probably wondering why would she need a pillow spray? Well a mist  of lavender oil aides in reducing stress, anxiety,improves sleep and alleviates headaches.

Max makeup Cherimoya FAQ fiber mascara: I picked this mascara up in Marshalls and I’m highly impressed it extra lenghtening and does comes off clumpy I’m definitely going to be getting me another before they run out.

Well there goes my favs what are some of your’s? I would love to know

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