I know I am a bit early to talk about December products but I actually started using them at the end of November and I am really enjoying the results.

I have recently started my vegan journey and I have been transitioning my the products I use on a daily basis to a more  natural  no paraben cruelty free  regiment, I have been searching for facial wash and moisturizer that’s vegan friendly and I stumbled upon a brand of products called PACIFICA sold in ultra i am not aware of it being sold any where else but I will  definetly be doing my research.

PACIFICA FACIAL WASH consist of quinoa,calendula and aloe it is super gentle for sensitive and dry skin types, it is  100% vegan and cruelty free also formulated without petroleum,parabens, phthalates and sulfate free.

PACIFICA COCONUT PROBIOTIC water rehab cream contains coconut water and vegan probiotics this product is great for dry skin types because it boosts hydration and prevents skin hangover 100%vegan and cruelty free.

THE CLARITYrx get clean crushed bamboo exfoliator, this exfoliator was recommended by my esthetician it’s a great exfoliant if you’re looking for a face scrub that’s not very harsh on the skin the beads in this product are much smaller but it gets the job done it’s also paraben,cruelty free and vegan friendly.

SHISEIDO PURENESS balancing softener alcohol-free lotion used after cleansing my face it’s very gentle on the skin and dries quickly.

THE ANNASTACIA BEVERLY HILLS MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE  i am not much of an eye shadow person but I just had to get this palette, the colors are amazing for the fall/winter season but most of all it consist of mostly matte colors which I like this palette can be found in ULTA.

What are your favorite products ?

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