Buttoned down shirt: H&M  Sweater: Target. Jeans:Old Navy  Shoes:Michael Kors  Watch:Michael Kors

Winter calls for jackets and coats, but here in Jersey the weather has us guessing, one day it’s 30degree next day we’re in the 50’s , I guess Mother Nature has a mind of her own.i was feeling quite springy today and thought a pop of color would spice things up a bit .

At first I was a bit skeptic in wearing a bold color but then I thought there are no rules in fashion as long as you’re comfortable,so I went for an oversized boyfriend buttoned down shirt and added a yellow sweater on top for a classic pop of color kinda of a color block , paired it with a basic destroyed denim and for a comfy yet chic look I wore my flat sneakers from Micheal Kors, I was really feeling this look. 

What are your thoughts on this outfit? And would you wear bold colors in the middle of winter ?.

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