Hey guys!! Let’s all give a thumbs up👍🏽 for the awesome weather we’ve been having here in the east coast during the month  of February, can you believe 60-70 degree, well I won’t be the one to complain all I know is I’m gonna enjoy it while it last.

I am a big coffee lover and sometimes you just need to take a break from all the craziness around, I know I have to there is no way I am able to function without taking a break plus it’s good to relax your mind and reset.

I wore a pretty casual, comfy outfit since it was extremely nice out.

I wanted to introduce my recently launched graphic tee line #poshbykattz I am a huge fan of graphic tees and I have always been passionate about having my own brand this way I’m able to express myself through motivational and inspirational quotes that helps in uplifting both men and women.

Joggers /H&M.

Jacket/ Forever 21.

Shoes/Michael Kors.

Tee/ my brand “poshbykattz”.



Shirts are available for sale I will be introducing the remaining tees from the collection.🤗



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