My beauty rituals varies from time to time, to unwind after a long day can be very relaxing so pampering my skin is of vital importance to my skincare, my beauty products change periodically since my skin type changes with the season one minute I’m dry the next im combination , it would be much easier to have the perfect skin but unfortunately I have to work in order to up keep, I have never been prone to breakouts which is a privilidge.

Cleansing is the first and important thing in good skincare routine, my cleanser that I’m currently using is the Clean& Clear hydrating cleanser, hydration is vital for your skin apperance especially in the winter months your skin is stripped of all its moisture, this cleans my skin leaves it feeling hydrated and even though it’s a morning burst cleanser I use this product both day and night, you can find it in most  drugstores or Walmart stores plus it’s very affordable .

Exfoliation is followed after cleansing – the CLARITYrx facial scrub is by far my utmost favorite,recommended by my esthetician, not only does it exfoliates it isn’t harsh on your skin unlike other products, this leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The next step to my beauty ritual is followed by applying a mask, the ADAMA OATMEAL SOUFFLÉ CLAY MASK for sensitive skin is my favorite at the moment,this soothing mask combines oatmeal and jojoba oil it is 100% vegan, paraben free, no sulfates and gluten free can’t get any better than that.

The shiseido balancing lotion is my toner, I put  a few drops on a cotton pad and apply all over my face and neck.

Before moisturizing I apply a facial oil,the Kensington apothecary 100% natural facial oil #3 contains avocado and schisandra extracts,can be purchased in Marshalls department store.

Last but most important is moisturizing, after putting your skin through all that it’s a must you put the moisture back in your skin along with the facial oil and moisturizer your skin will be fully hydrated, my moisturizer that I’m currently using is the Ph 5.5 retinol by medix with ferulic acid it’s anti sagging with aloe Vera, black tea and chamomile.

After pampering my skin I jump in bed and enjoy a long relaxing sleep, what are your products for your beauty routine? I would love to know 

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