Hi guys, hope everyone is doing super well, it’s the month of May and for all the Taurus babies like myself happy birthday to you all, yes!! I celebrated my 39th birthday on the 1st and I’m not feeling a day older I’m hoping that’s a good thing lol!!

Any way I have been doing some soul searching lately because I’ve been battling with a bit of personal issues so I haven’t done much recently I decided I needed to take care of me first in order to perform mentally, I recently launched my graphic tee line called  poshbykattz read about it  here  And I am getting ready to launch a podcast I have been putting this off for a long time and I decided to stop being a procrastinator and just do it.

I also just came back from my trip to Orlando Florida and it was great it was only for the weekend but It felt good to be out of this fluctuating weather we’ve been experiencing here in New Jersey, I really didn’t have much time to do anything fun but one thing I know I soaked up all that sunshine.

Dress : forever 21

Sandals: micheal kors

Sunnies: H&M

Watch: Apple Watch


Www.poshbykattz.com  for t shirts 

3 thoughts on “Birthday month

  1. Happy 39th and congrats on your t shirts and podcast! The hardest part is starting then the second hardest is consistency. I pray you will master everything you touch and keep going no matter what.

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