Happy Tuesday it’s the first week in a new month wow time flies it seemed like my birthday was just yesterday (may1st) but anyway I am looking Forward to a great summer and good weather.

I haven’t done a fav product post in a while but I have these amazing ones I would love to share with you – during the summer there is nothing sexier than a bronzed skin tone especially if you’re like me and will be wearing a lot of off shoulder dresses and tops which are “very much in trend this season” I like that bronzy highlight glow.

I have a few products I use for that but I came across one from the Bliss fat girl slim “hide and  glow sleek firming and luminous body spray” I tried it and I love it mainly because it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin it’s very lightweight and you don’t have to wait for it to dry because it doesn’t really transfer any residue it’s awesome try it!

This brand I have been using a lot for a while now is the Pacifica face wash an awesome natural, vegan,cruelty and sulphate free product  it doesn’t over dry my skin and it’s very moisturizing but not oily it’s great for all skin types, you can find it in Ulta beauty.

Those are the two beauty products I’m loving right now- what’s your product of the week ?please share I would love to know!


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