GIVE UP EXCUSES TO ACHEIVE SUCCESS AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU DREAMED “…     Ninety nine percent of all failures comes from people who have a habit of making excuses.

To achieve major success in life -to achieve these things you must take 100% responsibility for your life, for every reason why it’s not possible – there are hundreds of people who have encountered the same circumstances and have succeeded.

             Event +Response  =Outcome 

You can go around blaming everyone and everything for your outcome that’s just a waste of time and energy that you could be implementing into a plan in order to gain the outcome you’re expecting, no doubt these factors do exist but if these were the deciding factors no one would be successful- a lot of people overcame  these limiting factors, so it can’t be the “limiting factor” neither is the external condition that stops you ” you’re the one that’s stopping you”.

We defend our habits and limiting beliefs, spend more than we make, fail to exercise, eat unhealthy then wonder why we get the outcome we receive.

Action Plan : instead change the response to the {E} events Until you get the outcome you want, we have control over our thoughts,actions and how we react to situations- people make excuses why they can’t do something they blame it on not going to school for a particular subject – but you know you’re passionate and good at it you don’t want to take the risk that way you remain in your comfort zone ; you don’t need a degree to think!

1. You’re the one who took the job

2.You’re  the one who ate the junk food

3.You’re the one who stayed in the relationship 

Over all the point is you thought the thoughts, created the feelings and made the decisions.

Give up complaining;  listen! If you didn’t believe that there was better-possible you wouldn’t complain.

     People only complain about things  they can do something about!

We don’t complain about gravity because we can’t do anything about it,you can quit- get a better job , have the business of your dreams,eat healthy,exercise more, take a self Development class

But these things require you to change -they involve risks – risk of being unemployed, failure,being confronted, ridiculed, effort, time, money it might be difficult and uncomfortable- to avoid all this you complain- why not take the risk – make the effort if you want to be successful so badly and get up out of your comfort zone and take the risks- Steve Jobs didn’t know that when he created apple it would be this successful what if he had complained?

Basically if you want to get to where you want to be -you have to stop complaining and take the risk.

What have you done today to take you one step closer to your goal? please comment and feel free to share .


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