Marketer/ plus size style blogger

1. Where did your creative spark begin/can you trace the path/timeline that got you to where you are today

Marketer started long before my actual marketing / blogging career. If I can give it a time line, I would have to say from the time I was a teenager. The signs that I would become a planner and a organizer with an eye for marketing and details. I would always be the one to organize the class dinners, the family outings etc. Most importantly it always showed that I was hard on myself and like a true Virgo have the characteristics of a perfectionist

2. What inspires creativity?

My creativity is inspired by my love for trends and the fact over the last 11 years of my marketing career, I have proven to myself that I can convince others to think outside of the box and be more receptive of my nontraditional ways of how I do things

3. Where do you live and how does it influence you?

I am an island girl at heart.  Although I love to travel  and explore other cultures, my heart is happiest when I am home. Where is home you may ask? A lovely 37 square miles of Beauty & Paradise called St.Maarten.  We are the hub of our region, connecting so many islands. The only island in the world that is governed by 2 different countries (French & Dutch) and the proud hostess of over 120 nationalities. This makes us an unique melting pot of cultures, where the average citizen is at the very least bi-lingual (I myself speak 4). My entire surrounding is an influential platform that constantly inspires and challenges to be different.

4. How have you grown your business from an idea where it is now?

In 2014 I played with the idea of becoming a blogger, at the time my job did not give me the flexibility to do that. However I continued doing my research, in the hopes that this idea would soon become a reality. In 2016 I decided to go live, although I wanted a BIG launch, I ended up doing a soft launch and worked myself from there. today I can say that although I do not have thousands of followers, my reach and international  collaborations / coverage with well known brands, has been tremendous. In 2018, the 2nd phase of the blog will start, which is official business registration, with the aim to use it as an official advertising platform. I do want the concept of women empowering and promotion of self acceptance and body love regardless your size, has to remain the CORE of my blog.

5.what do you create with and why?

The thing is that with my creativity actually derives from the willingness of sale the ultimate experience. This is such a broad umbrella, that it takes me through different paths of my life and it lets me connect with so much dynamic individuals. I love to be able to expand your long term memories with an experience that I was responsible of creating. Although it is not a tangible product, my link to quality services and the ability to provide unique concepts for you and your product, is what defines my creativity.

6. Do you keep a journal or sketchbook? Can you show me your workspace or a part of your process?

Believe it or not draw to save my life. But I am great in explaining concepts and my visions to the professionals , graphic designers, illustrators and marketing companies to bring it to LIFE. I think if you stroll through my blog, you can see exactly what I mean by this, it is my most current and proudest project up to date  

7. What did you overcome to be here now?

What did I overcome?? Many things and fears. My biggest accomplishment was my journey to body acceptance and self love. I have created a quote that I promote all the time: “First love Your Body….Everyone Else Will Have No Choice But To Do The Same!” – Kerai Kreative Style ©2017

8. What have you learned so far about business/creativity that you can share it with others 

There many things that I am still learning. I like to conduct research and do my homework when starting any project. That is my first advice. Secondly identify the passion / drive that motivates you to be creative. The last one is to be consistent, treat any business that you inspired to start with top professionalism even though it may not be generating revenues…YES

9.Where are you headed?

Collaborating & Networking are important keys to any business ventures. I will keep doing exactly that until I am satisfied with my final destination. Success is a journey and you have to put in the work and time to be able to reap the benefits, and you do want those benefits to be long term! I am focusing the next 2 years on building the blog….not in quantity, but in QUALITY

10. How can people connect with you?

There are many social media outlets but I am focusing on a few  platforms for this region, which are:


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