After a hectic but productive week it’s Sunday and it’s time to unwind-relax and rejuvenate at least for me, and that means practicing #selfcare.

Selfcare can be just about anything that has to do with you- yourselves personally, from getting your hair ✅ done, spoil yourself,take {you}to the spa, get a facial or a massage, splurge on yourself-you deserve it.

But if selfcare to you means just staying home and relaxing then by all means do so – listen to your favorite songs, meditation or just even taking a nap the possibilities are endless.

Every week is pretty different for me when practicing #selfcare My routine today consisted of getting a mani and pedi I spent the day just loving and appreciating myself, this helps me to get ready for the beginning of the #motivation  Monday – in the pass I use to dread Monday’s but I soon realized it had nothing to do with the day but rather how you take care of your mind, body and soul this prepares you for the week ahead + if you love what you do makes you anticipate even more to get started on the grind, it’s all a mindset tactic. 

Bathing suit top/Michael lord

Bathing suit coverup/marshals store

Sandals/Michael lord

Waistbag/Calvin Klein 


What’s your favorite selfcare routine?

Comment and share!


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