What have you done for yourself today? I wrote in a previous blog  post about practicing self love/self care you can read about it here.

I am a strong believer that you should set aside one day just for your personal well being my days are usually on the weekend, it doesn’t have to be anything major, it could be anything from giving yourself a facial,relaxing,reading or anything that gives you comfort.

One thing I enjoy doing is shopping and I wanted to share with you my top 13  favorite stores.

1. H&M

2. Primark

3. Zara

4. Forever 21

5.Charlotte Russe

6. Pink

7.Victoria Secret

8. Bath and Body works

9 Aldo

10.Old Navy

11. Justice {for the kids}

12.Childrens Place {for the kids}

13. NY & Company

Dress/Marshalls   Shoe/TJ Maxx   Bag/Aldo.

My outfit was pretty simple I wore my favorite trend off shoulder dress and I was feeling myself in this outfit, since the color was blue striped I wanted a pop of color so I  went for my pink fur sandals for a cute chic look then added a few accessories to finish off the look.

What are your selfcare routines ?

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