Here are 18 reasons why you need a blog for your brand.

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools a business or brand uses to market and engage with customers/clients.

If you haven’t started a blog for your business yet, its time to get started.

“I hope these reasons inspire you to start now”


Why does my business need a blog?

1. A blog is a DIRECT way of communicating and connecting with your customers and clients.

It’s easier to share relevant and timely information or trends with them.

2. SEO-{search engine optimization}- Search engines love valuable information and you want to get your business-products-services out there.

3. There are many blogging platforms available that are quite user friendly like WordPress and square-space are just two platforms I have used – but there are so many others out there just use google as your tool to research which better fits your need.

4. During a hub spot survey 60% of businesses acquire more customers.

5. Your blog can become the center of your social network sites for content marketing-fortunately you can connect all your social media accounts; Facebook page, Twitter, Email Newsletters, and Ebooks etc this helps in making your content viral.

6. Your business develops a voice –A blog is where you can talk about your new products or services.

It’s also where you can connect with customers or clients through comments or new topics this also shows them who you really are, basically…  LET YOUR BRAND PERSONALITY SHINE THROUGH.

7. Writing a blog exercises your expertise and gain the trust of your customers.

How else are you going to prove an expert in that area ?always know

“People don’t trust business they trust people “

8. Its a way to encourage customer comments interaction and feed backs which is important to your business “quality customer service “

9. Its fun!-  It’s therapeutic energizing definitely something to look forward to.

10. PR – Skip the expense of hiring a PR you can get free press because you need all the exposure you can possibly get.

11. Tells your story – A blog is a place you can tell your story – how and why you started your business – what you have to offer and how you can help them.

12. Cost effective, marketing a blog is a way of saving on outsourcing marketing strategy, once you put a blog post into the world it stays there , which makes it a long term investment-because it keeps promoting your products and services.

13.Blog analytics- Gives you an insight of traffic to your blog you will also have an idea of the region your potential customers reign thus helping you to market your business in multiple places.

14. Building loyalty with existing customers, I’m sure every service or product aren’t designed to be purchased once.

There is the “customer lifetime value”-the total money you get a customer to spend on your brand over a lifetime

Writing a blog increases their loyalty, if they see you putting effort into providing them with tips and advice , they become appreciative thus becoming return customers.

15. Acquire email addresses – this makes it easier to access your site and a way for you to connect with customers/clients directly-giving them freebies, rewards and new product information.

16. Content helps you to get discovered across the internet. This means people who you don’t know will be introduced to your service and products this is called “Organic traffic” because it came to you naturally without paying for advertising.

17. Blog writing helps you to think …. About topics, business strategies and knowledge in general.

18. Gets you going the possibilities of what your blog can achieve is endless it brings positive exposure to you and your business and that helps in running a successful business

Hope these tips get you started on creating your blog for your business.

If you have any questions let me know.