Favorite products of the week 

Happy Tuesday it’s the first week in a new month wow time flies it seemed like my birthday was just yesterday (may1st) but anyway I am looking Forward to a great summer and good weather.

I haven’t done a fav product post in a while but I have these amazing ones I would love to share with you – during the summer there is nothing sexier than a bronzed skin tone especially if you’re like me and will be wearing a lot of off shoulder dresses and tops which are “very much in trend this season” I like that bronzy highlight glow.

I have a few products I use for that but I came across one from the Bliss fat girl slim “hide and  glow sleek firming and luminous body spray” I tried it and I love it mainly because it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin it’s very lightweight and you don’t have to wait for it to dry because it doesn’t really transfer any residue it’s awesome try it!

This brand I have been using a lot for a while now is the Pacifica face wash an awesome natural, vegan,cruelty and sulphate free product  it doesn’t over dry my skin and it’s very moisturizing but not oily it’s great for all skin types, you can find it in Ulta beauty.

Those are the two beauty products I’m loving right now- what’s your product of the week ?please share I would love to know!


Summer glow body products





Its finally here yay!! Yes I’m talking about the warm weather it was like 70+ degree in New Jersey today I tried not to say it was hot cause then I would only feel ungrateful and that’s the last feeling I wanna have, anyway I wanted to share with you the products I use during the warmer seasons that enhances my complexion and leaves my legs and body  with a bronzed glow.

Before heading to the beach I use the bath and body works beach glow man do I love this stuff leaves me looking bronzey (if that’s even a word)and glowing, this I use all over my body.

The jergens body is like a bb creme it conceals some imperfections and very moisturizing this can be used alone but I’m extra so I also use the Sally hansen airbrush legs in “deep” truly gives off an airbrush look and summer glow just be careful to use right after showering and let dry before getting dressed, after that you would think you just got off the beach after a tan.

Along with these products I usually do a body scrub once a week but during these season I opt for 3 times a week ‘I told you I was extra’ I love the crush sugar body scrub it’s not harsh on my skin but leaves me feeling smooth like a baby’s butt as the saying goes .

I hoped you liked my products feel free to comment and share if you have tried any of these products let me know which is your favorite.

Beauty Rituals

My beauty rituals varies from time to time, to unwind after a long day can be very relaxing so pampering my skin is of vital importance to my skincare, my beauty products change periodically since my skin type changes with the season one minute I’m dry the next im combination , it would be much easier to have the perfect skin but unfortunately I have to work in order to up keep, I have never been prone to breakouts which is a privilidge.

Cleansing is the first and important thing in good skincare routine, my cleanser that I’m currently using is the Clean& Clear hydrating cleanser, hydration is vital for your skin apperance especially in the winter months your skin is stripped of all its moisture, this cleans my skin leaves it feeling hydrated and even though it’s a morning burst cleanser I use this product both day and night, you can find it in most  drugstores or Walmart stores plus it’s very affordable .

Exfoliation is followed after cleansing – the CLARITYrx facial scrub is by far my utmost favorite,recommended by my esthetician, not only does it exfoliates it isn’t harsh on your skin unlike other products, this leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The next step to my beauty ritual is followed by applying a mask, the ADAMA OATMEAL SOUFFLÉ CLAY MASK for sensitive skin is my favorite at the moment,this soothing mask combines oatmeal and jojoba oil it is 100% vegan, paraben free, no sulfates and gluten free can’t get any better than that.

The shiseido balancing lotion is my toner, I put  a few drops on a cotton pad and apply all over my face and neck.

Before moisturizing I apply a facial oil,the Kensington apothecary 100% natural facial oil #3 contains avocado and schisandra extracts,can be purchased in Marshalls department store.

Last but most important is moisturizing, after putting your skin through all that it’s a must you put the moisture back in your skin along with the facial oil and moisturizer your skin will be fully hydrated, my moisturizer that I’m currently using is the Ph 5.5 retinol by medix with ferulic acid it’s anti sagging with aloe Vera, black tea and chamomile.

After pampering my skin I jump in bed and enjoy a long relaxing sleep, what are your products for your beauty routine? I would love to know 

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Loving lately beauty products 

I know I am a bit early to talk about December products but I actually started using them at the end of November and I am really enjoying the results.

I have recently started my vegan journey and I have been transitioning my the products I use on a daily basis to a more  natural  no paraben cruelty free  regiment, I have been searching for facial wash and moisturizer that’s vegan friendly and I stumbled upon a brand of products called PACIFICA sold in ultra i am not aware of it being sold any where else but I will  definetly be doing my research.

PACIFICA FACIAL WASH consist of quinoa,calendula and aloe it is super gentle for sensitive and dry skin types, it is  100% vegan and cruelty free also formulated without petroleum,parabens, phthalates and sulfate free.

PACIFICA COCONUT PROBIOTIC water rehab cream contains coconut water and vegan probiotics this product is great for dry skin types because it boosts hydration and prevents skin hangover 100%vegan and cruelty free.

THE CLARITYrx get clean crushed bamboo exfoliator, this exfoliator was recommended by my esthetician it’s a great exfoliant if you’re looking for a face scrub that’s not very harsh on the skin the beads in this product are much smaller but it gets the job done it’s also paraben,cruelty free and vegan friendly.

SHISEIDO PURENESS balancing softener alcohol-free lotion used after cleansing my face it’s very gentle on the skin and dries quickly.

THE ANNASTACIA BEVERLY HILLS MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE  i am not much of an eye shadow person but I just had to get this palette, the colors are amazing for the fall/winter season but most of all it consist of mostly matte colors which I like this palette can be found in ULTA.

What are your favorite products ?

October favorites 

I am so late with posting my October favorites but somehow I couldn’t figure out what my products of the month would be, I have so many which made it hard for me to choose, so I picked out four from my selection,well here goes.

Jason tea tree deodorant:I know I haven’t told you guys that I recently became “vegan” so I’m transitioning slowly, this deodorant is 100%natural contains no aluminum,parabens or phalates but most of all not tested on animals.

Skin therapy facial mist:contains coconut and essential oils,with just a mist or two on the face and neck hydrates the skin and leaves me feeling refreshed can be found in marshalls department store.

Lavender pillow spray: I know it seems weird you’re probably wondering why would she need a pillow spray? Well a mist  of lavender oil aides in reducing stress, anxiety,improves sleep and alleviates headaches.

Max makeup Cherimoya FAQ fiber mascara: I picked this mascara up in Marshalls and I’m highly impressed it extra lenghtening and does comes off clumpy I’m definitely going to be getting me another before they run out.

Well there goes my favs what are some of your’s? I would love to know

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Beauty product of the day review 

I have been doing more product reviews lately,and this is something I plan on doing more often,especially now that we have the opportunity to use Instagram video platform pictures are great but actually talking about a product makes it more interesting .

This monoi body reapair bi-phase tonic by “Carols daughter” is my beauty product that I have been loving lately,it’s pure hydration in a bottle it’s formulated with monoi oils and coconut water,it’s a skin prep that locks in moisture, contains no parabens,mineral oils or harsh ingredients that’s harmful to the skin, most of all the smell is amazing and long lasting.

I spray this all over my body immediately after a shower and before moisturizing,then directly after moisturizing just to keep that alluring smell, I just can’t get enough of it.

What’s your fav product of the day?




I know i am a bit late with this post but i have been taking caring of business lately but i promise to be more consistent after this,my favorite products for last month is quite minimal but i have been using them for about two months now and i am so in love with each and will definetly be repurchasing.

Miscellar cleansing water form Dirty works – removes makeup,hydrates,fragrance free and suitable for all skin types, most of all it doesn’t over dry my skin.

Jergens BB body perfecting skin cremei have been using this for a few months now and i like the fact that it is very moisturizing,hydrating and illuminates my skin ,but as far as ”even out my skin tone or imperfections” i really haven’t noticed a difference ,but will i continue to use this product most definetly!

Honolulu sun beach glow gel lotionfrom bath and body works  this is very light weight supposedly gives you a beach sun kissed  glow, it contains coconut oil and aloe which soothes the skin i adore this lotion it gives my skin this beautiful sun kissed highlighted bronzed look,i use it along with the jergens bb creme to intensify the look i can truly recommend this product and i will be using this throughout the winter season.

Blue spa foaming body buff– from bath and body works a great all over body scrub not the greatest smell but does the job i use this at least 3-4 times a week especially if i will be using the” beach glow gel lotion”.

Have you used any of these products or what re you favorites?.

New skincare products 

Hello lovelies, today I’m sharing with you my new found skincare products- recently I made it to my classic facial appointment, which was amazing I spoke about this in my previous post I have really been taking the extra steps in my skincare.

I  visited the European wax center a few days ago because I wanted to get a bikini wax  which “I still ended up not getting “I really hadn’t made up my mind what treatment I wanted done anyway -while browsing around I introduced myself to a few products I saw on promotion buy “2 get 1 free” and you know I can’t resist a sale,these were a set of body collection which consist of the body lotion, body wash and the polish they came in  three  fragrances   which made it hard for me to choose because they were all amazing but fortunately I ended up choosing the graceful strut their explanation about these products was that supposedly they help with the eradication of ingrown hair problems and slowed the growth of hair on your body, which caught my attention, I also liked the fact that it was inexpensive  only $16 and I got a great deal, so far I have been using these products and I am really loving the way it makes my skin feels especially the body polish it’s a great exfoliant -not abrasive at all while the lotion is very moisturizing and they smell absolutely great with  lasting scent for hours  when used in combination I give them a thumbs up I have seen a difference in my skins appearance  I definitely will be repurchasing.

This post is not sponsored by European wax center all opinions are my own.

Have you tried these skincare products before if so how do you like them ? Please share -comment -and like.


Favorite Drug store products 

When it comes to beauty products I believe in quality over pricing if it works just as good as a high end brand it’s a go for me-don’t get me wrong I do use a lot of high end products but if you have heard the saying “Give 0nto Caesar what’s due to Caesar “then you will relate.

These products I can personally say are awesome and most of all inexpensive thus making it quite affordable.

The Blushed nude palette from Maybelline has been a blessing and a favorite,it is highly pigmented and has all the beautiful colors that goes well with my skin tone,this can be found in most drugstores I purchased it in CVS OR WALMART.

Neutrogena naturals cleanser what I love most about this is that it’s natural, free from parabens-sulfates-phthlates-dyes and petrolatum,you can’t get any better than that not to mention it’s creamy consistency which is great for dry or sensitive skin.

Botanics rose water is a toning spritz that is 100%organic, it tones,cleanses and refreshes your skin I usually use it after my cleanser then moisturize just to lock in hydration it is also good in the summer time if you’re at the beach or just out and about and wanna feel refreshed.

Jergens wet skin moisturizer locks in moisture on wet skin  apply right after shower I recently reviewed this product as a part of my monthly favorites more details here

What are some of your favorite drugstore items?maybe we can share ideas.

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May Favorites

It’s the end of another month and that means it’s time for  “monthly favorites“-this month features basic random beauty and body products that I have enjoyed using.

JERGENS WET SKIN MOISTURIZER-due to my excessive dry skin I am always searching for extra moisture products that will aid in hydration for a more softer and healthy skin appearance.

How to use-after taking shower apply to wet skin to lock in moisture then pat dry with clean towel it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy I usually follow with a moisturizer just to make sure my skin is hydrated throughout the day but that’s optional I just like to be dramatic.

Dermalogica facial cleanser- I recently reviewed this product check it out here  and it will continue to be one of my favorite facial cleansers it’s very moisturizing,non greasy and leaves my skin fully hydrated -unlike other products that overdry your skin.

Nip+Fab glycolic scrub- I use this scrub only once or twice a week just when my skin needs to be exfoliated it also helps with my hyper pigmentation and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Donna Karan {dkny}cashmere mist antiperspirant -I have been using this product for years and I never get tired  it  is lasting in terms of smell it goes on smoothly doesn’t leave any residue on clothing and has all day protection it can be purchased at Macy’s for around $25

What was your May favorites ?I would like to know or have you used any of these products, if so how have they worked for you ?

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