The PBK collection ”Poshbykattz”






 I have achieved many things to be grateful for and God knows that I am eternally thankful, but I am even more excited about finally creating my very own  Graphic-Tee shirt line.
The name of my brand is Poshbykattz and this is this first from the PBK collection, I have always been a total graphic tee junkie but I was very picky of what I would wear and the message it portrayed and since I have always been a positive spiritual junkie I wanted to create my own version of quotes so- what better way than to create your own.
Plus I am always aware of what I wear- being a mom I believe children live what they learn so I have to be a good example to them .
Posh” is defined as classy and luxurious and thats how I wanted to be taken and since I’m Kattz what better way to be combined.
Being a Self-development strategist I inspire women to  possess a kick ass mindset to become leaders in their business/personal life while building their self confidence,selfworth and esteem, and believing in themselves enough to chase their dreams and vision while bringing it to reality – and I do this through my combination of fashion and self development, I believe that taking pride in your outer appearance does  a lot for your self-confidence and self esteem” I’m not saying that its all but it does impact how you feel about yourself”
My shirts are geared towards women on a hold but mainly those who are open minded, goal oriented and want to be inspired, uplifted and motivated and I do this through the positive and inspirational quotes depicted on the shirts if you continue to hear it or see it then you eventually start believing it and your belief determine who you are and how you view your life.
So you would definitely be interested if you are a woman in business/planning to start a business, want to create a positive mindset,career minded or mom-preneuer.
Shirts can be purchased on

Ootd featuring Ruffles

Ruffles are not my thing but I was feeling rather experimental and decided to try the trend and surprisingly I’m loving it

This dress is from TARGET, I like the material you would think that I would be burning up because of the sleeves but that was the total opposite , I wanted a simple chic look so I paired it with sneakers from NAUTICA quite comfy.








My Top 13 favorite stores & my OOTD

What have you done for yourself today? I wrote in a previous blog  post about practicing self love/self care you can read about it here.

I am a strong believer that you should set aside one day just for your personal well being my days are usually on the weekend, it doesn’t have to be anything major, it could be anything from giving yourself a facial,relaxing,reading or anything that gives you comfort.

One thing I enjoy doing is shopping and I wanted to share with you my top 13  favorite stores.

1. H&M

2. Primark

3. Zara

4. Forever 21

5.Charlotte Russe

6. Pink

7.Victoria Secret

8. Bath and Body works

9 Aldo

10.Old Navy

11. Justice {for the kids}

12.Childrens Place {for the kids}

13. NY & Company

Dress/Marshalls   Shoe/TJ Maxx   Bag/Aldo.

My outfit was pretty simple I wore my favorite trend off shoulder dress and I was feeling myself in this outfit, since the color was blue striped I wanted a pop of color so I  went for my pink fur sandals for a cute chic look then added a few accessories to finish off the look.

What are your selfcare routines ?

Comment and share


After a hectic but productive week it’s Sunday and it’s time to unwind-relax and rejuvenate at least for me, and that means practicing #selfcare.

Selfcare can be just about anything that has to do with you- yourselves personally, from getting your hair ✅ done, spoil yourself,take {you}to the spa, get a facial or a massage, splurge on yourself-you deserve it.

But if selfcare to you means just staying home and relaxing then by all means do so – listen to your favorite songs, meditation or just even taking a nap the possibilities are endless.

Every week is pretty different for me when practicing #selfcare My routine today consisted of getting a mani and pedi I spent the day just loving and appreciating myself, this helps me to get ready for the beginning of the #motivation  Monday – in the pass I use to dread Monday’s but I soon realized it had nothing to do with the day but rather how you take care of your mind, body and soul this prepares you for the week ahead + if you love what you do makes you anticipate even more to get started on the grind, it’s all a mindset tactic. 

Bathing suit top/Michael lord

Bathing suit coverup/marshals store

Sandals/Michael lord

Waistbag/Calvin Klein 


What’s your favorite selfcare routine?

Comment and share!


Embroidered pattern trend

Fashion is an amazing thing, we see so many different styles and trends everyday,every season but I always encourage women to own your own style never apologize for who you are or who you want to be 

Self love is the greatest-you have to love yourself first,invest in your future, don’t be afraid to show your awesome personality let it shine through this helps to build your self esteem and confidence, always remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to the opportunity is endless.

The beautiful patterned embroidery is oh so trendy this season- I have seen them on basically everything you can think of on dresses Tops  denim,shoes  you name- it it’s endless.

Today I’m wearing my dress from Forver21 the off shoulder trend is also very popular among fashionistas these days I know I’m guilty of that. I’m severely obsessed with showing my shoulders if you have it flaunt it lol! 

These shoes are epic, I’m not into the color red but who could ignore these loafters {do you see these shoes} they are undeniably beautiful plus it goes with my dress perfectly “wasn’t planned btw” .

What are your thoughts and this outfit?

Please feel free to comment and share!

Stripe and khaKi

Shorts/old navy.  Top/express. Sandals/Michael Kors.

Hello lovelies just stopping by to spread some love  and share my outfit I wore on july 4th indepencce day 

The weather was sunny and humid but overall was accommodating because most people were able to enjoy their barbecues outdoor, I really kept it simple because I was going for a comfy feel and casual look. 

I wore my off the shoulder top from express which is my all time favorite trend this summer- to go with it I opt for my shorts from old navy since it was very hot outdoors, this look was pretty easy and comfortable but I still felt sexy and chic.

What was your Independence Day outfit ? I would like to know.

Please feel free to comment and share!


Oversized boyfriend shirt;Express.

Shorts; Old Navy.

Sandals: Michael Kors.

“Today I reflected and all I had in my life to be thankful for and I realized that- I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m far from where I use to be”

Look for joy in simple things when you arise in the morning, think what a privilege it is to be alive – to breathe to think to enjoy to love 

Live life to the fullest and make each day count,don’t let the important things go unsaid , have simple pleasures in this complex world, be a joyous spirit and a sensitive soul.

Don’t have minutes in the days ; have moments in time” 

We don’t often take the time out of our busy lives to think about all the beautiful things and to be thankful for them- if we did reflect on these things we would realize how very lucky and fortunate we really are! 

 Just wanted to share some gratitude with you all we have so much to be grateful for, a lot of times we take so much for granted that we forget to be thankful for what we already have. 

Life is too short to worry about what you don’t have instead focus on what you already have and eventually you can manifest and attract more in abundance- a lot of times we think we want it all when we haven’t even dealt with what we have present in our lives. 

All I’m saying is live life in the present and be thankful for everything.

What are you grateful for ? Please comment and share to inspire someone else.


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Trendy accessories 

Summertime is almost here and I am here to share with you one  of the hottest trends of the season sometimes I know it can be difficult when it comes to accessorizing – with the weather being sunny and humid you might not always want to be parading around in a statement necklace I know personally sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

Now the solution to this is quite easy go all out on your arm candy make a statement with a few accessories that are in trend such as arm cuffs and midi rings depending on your preferences you may choose from silver or gold upper or lower arm don’t be afraid to rock them with confidence. 

Just add a few of these pieces to your outfit this will definitely complete your look they will always be a perfect addition to your summer look.

What are your thoughts on this trend? I would love to hear your feedback.

                          Cathlee xoxo.

A Spring/summer trend

Obsession might be the perfect explanation to describe my love for the Off the shoulder trend that’s so popular this year-and I am sure has been showing up in many women’s closet there is just something about showing off my shoulders and the feminity of this is very sexy at least that’s my opinion, the awesome versatility about this dress is that you can make it look casual or dress it up and keep it chic/classy.

Keeping it simple yet classy –Depening on the occasion you can dress it up or keep it casual I paired it with a cute reasonable height shoe to give it a feel of classy yet fab look, they say accessories go a long way so pairing it with cute simple delicate jewelry gives the outfit a classy soft look.

Color Blocking- Another way of taking it up a notch is by COLOR BLOCKING- the art of taking opposite colors from the color wheel and pairing them together To make complimentary combinations.

These shoes were the perfect combination in achieving this look very inexpensive and affordable,usually I wouldn’t go for this color but lately I have been experimenting and I’m happy I chose it this dress is from the WHO WHAT WEAR LINE FROM Taget I absolutely love their pieces not only are they stylish,affordable but the fact that most of their prices are below $40 making their clothing affordable is beyond phenomenal.

Dress /Whowhatwear. Bag/Aldo.  Shoes/justfab. 

What are your fav trends and what do you think of my outfit?.

Shirt Dress ootd

Dress/ forever21.


Slides/Steve Madden.

Finally we had great weather it was almost 90 degrees  here in New Jersey today it was unexpectedly hot but I promised not to complain but to enjoy it I had a few errands to run and since it was nice out I had no problem choosing an outfit.

I wanted something cute, easy yet minimal and I chose this shirt dress that I had  been loving lately from forever 21 fortunately I Have  them in different colors yes obsessed!!  I love them because the material is a very light cotton,very cool and a reasonable length, I wore my Steve Madden faux fur slides and I have to say I was super comfy in this outfit. Hope you liked it what’s your go-to outfit this summer?.